Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Whew, what a weekend

Dining Room done!  We all got to enjoy the strawberries that Jean picked for us -- all 5 pints of them! Bob and Gina Barbee came over to help us figure out how we were going to put that dang staircase back in and Otis had so much fun running around the 4 acres that he couldn't keep his eyes open.  We are heading back home and then back on Friday with another U-Haul.

Monday, June 27, 2011

It is all about the deck!

We love this deck.  There is nothing about this deck that we don't love (except maybe having to stain it this fall.)  It is a 1000 square foot deck and there is a view from every part of it.  The bad thing is it needs a lot of furniture and all of that furniture needs to be put together. We got most of it completed and we were able to have our first dinner outside and enjoyed the glorious view.  Today we are back to putting together the dining room chairs, a dresser and a few more outdoor pieces.  Hal finally opened a well chilled beer and called it a day.
We will head home for the week.  We need one more U-Haul load next weekend and it may just start looking like a furnished house again.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


We arrived!  I can't believe (or maybe I can) that I couldn't find my camera during the big move yesterday.  Pauline Duran and I arrived a day early set up the kitchen.  When we arrived there were three vans and a truck parked in the driveway and various people filling up what they could. Our new home was being looted -- at least that is what it felt like. We weren't exactly sure what was going on, but they all knew the previous owners and said that they were told they could come and take what ever they liked. We weren't sure who was going to show up next but they stripped the property down, including the hoses. They left us the garbage and a very dirty house.   Pauline and I went to work and the next morning Tom, Amelia, Jean, Hal and Otis came barrelling in.  What a picture to see Otis sitting in the front of the U-Haul!  But no, no camera yet...Mary and Brett Pittman (Lorraine's sister) came down to great us and they stayed to help un-load the truck.  It was a family affair with Mikey Pittman taking on mowing the lawn for us also. 

Yeah!  I found my camera this morning and what a beautiful day!  The pictures are taken from the deck, and just check out those kitchen cabinets!

Friday, June 24, 2011


The day has finally come and we are moving all the "stuff" we have gathered on Craigslist for the last month in a 26 foot U-Haul.  I can't wait to post a picture of that!  4 beds, headboards, sheets, towels, kitchen stuff, kitchen stuff and more kitchen stuff -- I have to have a nice kitchen!  Pauline Duran and I are going first to unpack the kitchen and Tom will bring the U-Haul tomorrow.