Saturday, February 11, 2012

Glorious Sunrise

I woke up to a glorious sunrise -- it is also my birthday!  I think it is prettier here in the wintertime than in the summer.  The house is so quiet.  It is supposed to be very sunny today, so it should be a beautiful ride home.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Humphrey's Come to Town

Mindy Humphrey and her family rented our place this last weekend. They took some fabulous pictures of the property that they shared with us. Great to see all the kids and dogs enjoying a great weekend of sun! Thanks Mindy for all of the pictures.

The front yard and Lake Chelan in the background.

The front yard, Hard Road to Hoe winery and Lake Chelan View

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Birthdays and Movie Night!

Both Amelia and Joseph brought over friends to celebrate their 13th and 15th Birthdays. The funnest part -- MOVIE NIGHT! The Pittman's and friends came down to join us. Tom brought over his projector from school and they rigged up a big movie screen on the barn. Of course I didn't get a picture....but I did get one last night when Amelia, Joseph and Tom watched another movie outside. It may become a summer tradition.

Dusk over Roses Lake

Dusk on the Buddha Garden

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


As I was packing up to leave, Ellie came looking for Otis.  She was so sad her friend had left.  She wasn't going to leave.

If you see Ellie at the door, she is friendly and she belongs to the Pittman's up the road.  Fergus may be with her also.

Leaving the Lake....

Family Room and Bunk Room.  Sleeps 4.

Hal and Jean's One Bedroom "Suite."  This is the sitting room that is outside the bedroom downstairs.  The Futon pulls out into a full bed, but I sware it looks big enough to be a queen.

Downstairs Bedroom
One of the downstairs bathrooms.

Amelia's bedroom upstairs.  Full Bed
Living Room

View from the Dining Area.

View of Roses Lake rom the deck -- that is not a road our front, our driveway circles the property.

View of Lake Chelan from the deck -- you can see the driveway in this picture also.
Kitchen and Dining Room area.

View from the Sink!

View from Living Room and Master Bedroom.
The house is ready for families to come and enjoy "The Morse House."  Everything is clean and the yard awaits a good game of Bocce Ball or Horse Shoes!  Here are the pictures of the inside, starting in the family room downstairs, moving to the bedroom with sitting room and then the two bedrooms upstairs, living room, kitchen and even views from the kitchen and living room windows.   We will be back in August to paint, hang pictures and get ready for our remodel that we are scheduling for the fall.  Can't wait to get those stairs!

Otis has Friends

The best part about Lake Chelan for Otis, is he has friends!  Ellie and Fergus live up the street and Otis loves when they come and visit.  The kids have friends also!

Monday, July 11, 2011

There are no words to describe this yard.

We love this yard. The view, the gardens, the lawn goes on and on.  Everything is done, I am down to washing the kitchen floor and cleaning the upstairs bathroom.  I will post all the pictures of the interior tomorrow when I finish up.  I also like the mud room entrance, even though I would like to change out the door....all in time.